Новини всесвіту Ultimaker
Новини зі всесвіту Ultimaker охоплюють події ринку адитивних технології світу, включаючи огляди, інтерв`ю, порівняння та аналітику.
Підпишіться, щоб отримати тижневий збірник новин зі всесвіту Ultimaker.

May 09, 2018
NoiseAware, the startup behind a noise monitoring and management system for high-risk, short-term rental properties, designed and prototyped their product with their in-house Ultimaker 3 printer. Saving thousands on the initial prototyping process for all parts, the NoiseAware team is able to create new design iterations in a matter of hours, and efficiently test designs before sending them to a manufacturer for final production.
With Ultimaker, MNNTHBX found a more efficient way to design and produce prototyped parts in the small bore motorcycling industry. By switching from traditional methods of manufacturing to 3D printing, the team replaced dozens of hours at the CNC mill and saw a 90% reduction in raw material cost.
The Farmshelf team created a fully autonomous, highly-productive urban farming system within tight physical constraints. By making use of Ultimaker 2+ professional desktop 3D printers, Farmshelf were able to iterate designs and print hundreds of functional custom parts which would have been extremely time-consuming and expensive using any other fabrication technique.
Якщо бажаєто продовжити Вашу подорож у всесвіті Ultimaker, просто натисність кнопку нижче для повернення у головне меню.
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